Estate Planning

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Estate planning is not just about creating a will or trust or transferring assets to your children. Estate planning is truly planning for your loved ones. It involves counseling with your spouse and family as well as trusted advisors to make sure that what you pass on is more than wealth or property. It is making sure that people have the direction they need to take care of you, when you need it most, providing stability and comfort to those you leave behind, avoiding contention that can destroy a close-knit family, and establishing a legacy of values and morals for future generations.

We at BHR Law Group dedicate ourselves to studying, creating, and implementing the most effective and sophisticated estate planning techniques that maximize wealth, minimize taxes, protect beneficiaries, plan for future generations, and memorialize values. We take the time to get to know you personally, to understand your questions and concerns, and then help you customize a unique estate plan specific to your family and circumstances.