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Estate Planning - Business Law - Succession Planning - Tax Planning - Real Estate Law - Trust and Probate

BHR Law Group

Estate Planning - Business Law - Succession Planning - Tax Planning - Real Estate Law - Trust and Probate


Our goal is to establish long-lasting, valued relationships and provide superior informed council that: CLIENTS recommend to family and friends, ADVISORS prefer for their clients, ATTORNEYS seek to emulate, and EMPLOYEES are proud of.

Our goal is to meet the unique needs of each individual, protect their family, strengthen their business, and preserve their legacy through expertise, compassion, and innovative solutions, while remaining a trusted resource and partner throughout the seasons of life.

Law Services

The Partners at BHR Law Group have experience in several specialties including estate planning, business succession planning, tax planning, and business law.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just about creating a will. It is truly planning for your loved ones by maximizing wealth, minimizing taxes, and protecting beneficiaries.

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Business Law

We offer several specialties in business law including business entity selection, business succession planning, tax planning, and real estate.

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Real Estate

Real estate holdings often represent a major part of the total overall assets and net worth for individuals, families and business owners.

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Whether it’s estate planning and administration or trust/probate litigation, our ultimate goal is to protect you and your assets fairly.

Experienced Counsel

When you don’t know what to do, BHR Law Group provides guiding counsel based on a depth of knowledge built on years of experience and industry-leading education. We pride ourselves on understanding and developing cutting-edge strategies that provide well-founded, innovative solutions to our clients.

BHR Law Group

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