Peer endorsements for Blaine Burch.

Swati S. Desai, Esq.

When my clients or friends need an experienced estate planning attorney I recommend Blaine without any hesitation. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding this very complex area and stays abreast with all the changes in tax and estate laws that affect his clients. He is honest and professional and takes a personal interest in helping his clients. Estate plans should be updated from time to time, and Blaine effectively ensures his clients are adequately projected, when there are changes in the law.

Greg Lambourne

Blaine is super sharp, and his wide-ranging business and legal experience allows him to provide great insight and counsel into just about any business, succession, and estate planning situation. On top of that, Blaine is a great people-person and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Peer endorsements for Todd Haddock.

Santiago Martin
I endorse this lawyer because I have worked on several matters with him in the past, with great results. Todd is a very thorough and knowledgeable attorney, and he is extremely honest.

Michael Hulshof
Todd is a great guy and an impressive attorney. You will be very hard-pressed to find another attorney with as much integrity and class as Todd. Clients love him, opposing counsel loves working with him, and judges love him. This translates into tremendous benefits for his clients. I give Todd my recommendation.

Kit Westbrook
The degree to which an attorney is ultimately effective in their profession is largely dependent on many factors such as their overall intelligence, quality of character, and life experience. Todd Haddock is a tremendous attorney. He is a highly intelligent man of high moral character, with a breadth of life experience, gained long before he became an attorney. Todd’s professional accomplishments prior to becoming an attorney give him insight into the lives and situations of his clients in ways that make him truly unique. In addition to his life experience, Todd is remarkably bright and dedicated to his clients. I highly recommend Todd Haddock as an attorney.

Stephen Schofield
Todd is a great guy and a solid attorney. He is a true professional. I highly endorse Todd.