Business Succession Planning

Two men measuring wood, they are building something

Business Succession Planning is the process of strategizing how to provide value to a business owner upon the owner’s exit or retirement from the business, while simultaneously providing the direction and structure needed to ensure that the business can continue to grow and thrive. It involves careful coordination between buyers and sellers as well as family members when applicable, integrating tax considerations, payment options, establishing value and a myriad of other dynamics that require experience and know-how.

BHR Law Group works with you to ensure careful consideration of all of the factors to provide you with the most effective and comprehensive succession plan. Unlike large firms, that focus solely on the sale of the business, we make sure to focus on the business owner to ensure that the transfer of the business is coordinated with the overall tax and estate planning goals of the business owner. We have the experience and personal knowledge necessary to help provide value to you and also to make sure that the legacy of your business will continue on to future generations.